Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The beginning

Hello all, and welcome to my blog about W40K, wargaming, miniatures, and painting.

The idea of doing this blog comes from my resolutions for 2013. Since many years ago (many, many), I paint, collect (and store) miniatures from Games Workshop (and some other companies); and I play occasionally.

I have a lot of different stuff: around 8000 points of Space Wolves (maybe some more) that I started with the 2nd edition of W40K; a new 2000 points Ultramarines army that I completed from  June to December 2012 (thanks to a Tale of Gamers challenge at my usual store); a Bretonnian army (3000 points) that I keep at my (dear) mom's place back in Spain; around 4000 points of High Elves, 99% of them are waiting to be build and then painted; and a lot of stuff from The Lord of The rings, specially characters,  also half painted.

2012 was a great year in the Hobby for me: I managed (for the first time ever) to complete a full army, where all the units are completely painted, glazed and follow a common painting schema: my 2000 points Ultramarines army. When it comes to my Space Wolves, I have many units painted, but I also have many half painted; and the result of putting them all together as an army is not very homogeneous. So, apart from completing the army (and a challenge), I managed to play some games (8, which for me is a lot XD); I have improved my painting level: I decided to buy an airbrush (thanks to the wonderful tutorial from one of my favorite painters, Arsies, who in this hyperlink explains, step by step, how to paint Ultramarines with an airbrush), and I managed to finish a whole unit with it, after some learning time.

Even then, I have bought more miniatures than the ones I built; and I have built more miniatures than the ones I painted. I know that this happens to everyone, or so I can read in the many blogs I follow (and that I will share with you), but I am pretty sure that, right now, I have enough minis to keep me busy painting during the whole year (and we all know that I won't be able to resist buying more stuff during the year...).

So, some of my 2013's resolutions are: improve my painting, finish more minis, become more organized and control better my  impulses when it comes to buy new minis, and to write more (if you want a blog where the posts are 3 lines long, this is not the one!), as I like writing short stories and that kind of stuff, but it has been a very long time since I actually sat in front of the keyboard and wrote; I hope this blog will motivate me to write more, as I want to write some about the background of my armies, and the games I will play during the year; and you all know that Plinius The Young said: “Habit is the most effective teacher”, so I am going to work in my habits.

By the way, I am Spanish, but I live in The Netherlands, so in my day to day I mainly use English; because of that, this blog will be in English, as I won’t have the time to duplicate all the entries. Writing in English will mean more work, but it will also be more satisfactory. You can comment and email me both in Spanish and English, no problems with that 

So, welcome all of you, please take a seat, and feel free to comment these posts (only constructive comments are welcomed :P), share stuff and so on. If you want to share your pictures, work art, special scenarios, etc. you can write me to amberor@gmail.com


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